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One of the most common questions after closing is how to make your first mortgage payment.

You will likely receive a mortgage statement in the mail prior to your first payment but about one week prior to the first payment we will be in touch to be sure you are all set.

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We believe your mortgage deserves ongoing attention as a wealth building tool as your home increases in value, mortgage balances decreases and your financial goals and objectives change over time.

Prepaying your mortgage is a great way to save a lot of money on interest & mortgage insurance while accelerating the pace at which you will payoff your mortgage but sometimes it is not the best financial choice.

Simply put, refinancing doesn’t always make sense. Too often consumers are lured into refinancing to a lower rate and payment to later realize the refinance ended up costing them more than if they hadn’t.

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Selling your current home to buying your next home is not as simply as simply rolling your equity into the new home. Strategizing on how to best utilize your equity to advance your financial future shoyuld be carefully considered.

Our Rock Solid Pre-Approval provides you with the confidence you can buy a home and are utilizing the best mortgage option to do so. Whenever you're about 6-12 months from buying a home we encourage you to schedule a call.

Every quarter we hold a Client Giveaway where we have given away prizes such as apple watches and HD smart TVs. Your quarterly entries automatically qualify you to be a part of our $1,000 holiday giveaway!

Homebot is a complimentary tool provided to all our clients to help them manage their home equity & grow their wealth. Every month we send you a real estate wealth digest with an estimated home value.