Upcoming Classes

FHA has a bad reputation, but why?? Check out this class:

Are FHA buyers less qualified?  Are FHA loans harder to get approved?  Is FHA a more costly loan program?  These myths and more will be covered including:

  • Mortgage Insurance
  • FHA vs Conventional MI
  • Property Condition Requirements (less than you think)
  • Qualification Requirements
  • When FHA is Better than Conventional
  • and more…

Frustrated with Today’s Low Inventory Market? 

Competition among buyers to find and secure a home is more difficult than ever. With extremely low inventory levels you need a different strategy than you’ve used in the past to get your buyers’ offers accepted.

What’s covered…

  • Three Steps to Position Your Buyer’s Offer to Win
  • How to Use The Ladder Strategy With Buyer Price Resistance
  • Teaming Up With Your Lender to Strengthen Your Offer
  • Using Escalation Clauses to Streamline Pricing Bids
  • A Word of Caution About Buyer Love Letters
  • Key Things to Improve Your Buyers Offer And More…

Take Advantage of the Seller’s Market!

Don’t miss out on the huge opportunity in front of you! Lower than normal inventory levels create a prime time for sellers and for real estate agents to help those sellers list their homes.

What’s covered…

  • 10 Proven Ways to Get More Listings in ANY Market
  • The #1 Source of ALL Listings… Sitting Right Under Your Nose
  • Top Producers Reveal What’s Working for Them Right Now!
  • How to Find Sellers Most Agents Overlook
  • Niche Markets That Always Have Motivated Sellers
  • Using Facebook to Attract the “Silent Sellers”
  • And More…