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What is your biggest stress or concern about getting qualified for a home loan?

Credit &
Credit Score

Many of our clients think they need better credit before they talk with us. Many attempt to improve their credit making changes that could jeopardize their ability to qualify for a home purchase. We will assist you with any tweaks necessary to best position your credit for the purpose of buying a home.

Down Payment & Closing Costs

There are so many different no and low money down mortgage options available these days that down payment should not a limitting factor to buy a home! We will assist you in determining which program is best for you but you might be wondering about some assistance programs...

Employment & Income

Have you heard of the two-year rule? You know...that you have to have two years on your job before you can qualify. Well, that common beliefe is FALSE! In fact, you may be able to qualify with as little as just 1 month on the job. We will review your situation and advise you personally.

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