44% of homebuyers start their home buying process online. Versus just 17% who contact a real estate agent?!
And what do those homebuyers find when they go online?

Homebuyers are hit over and over again with ads for real estate estate and ads for mortgage.  And these giants have some very deep pockets!


According to NAR, the average real estate agent generates about 25 contacts each month.


But only 2 are considered potential buyers that end up working with the real estate agent.

The other 23 are pulled away by those advertisers or the real estate agent stops following up.

2 to 4

Did you know the average real estate agents follows up for only 2 to 4 weeks with the other 23 contacts?

6 to 9

But the average buyer has a timeline of 6 to 9 months before they will buy.

We have two problems…
1. Real Estate Agents are only focusing on 2 out of 25 contacts!
2. Loan Officers are passively waiting until the Real Estate Agent refers them those two buyers.

We can solve both of these problems at once!

All you need to do is loop us in sooner in the sales process before losing the contacts to a competitor and allow us to do the work to convert, incubate and cross-sell you!

Consider this…

  • People put more weight on your abilities when others (us) endorse you
  • Loan numbers and options are important triggers in the buying process that motivate customers to buy
  • We have a team of trained sales people whose primary goal is turning your contacts into closings at no cost to you
  • Buyers tell the lender things they won’t tell you
  • It’s harder to cheat on two than one

Do you see the benefit of getting us involved sooner?  The next step is to discuss how we convert these contacts earlier in the process and share our 16 month incubation program.