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First Time Home Buyer

Marketing Playbook

The Opportunity is


First time home buyers are a consistent segment of the real estate buyer market that is expected to grow over the next few years.

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First time home buyers account for

34% of all home buyers.

Historically, 40% of all home buyers are first time buyers and with Millennials being next largest generation, after Baby Boomers, we are starting to see more first time home buyers enter the real estate market.

Source: NAR

Average age of first time home buyer


Source: NAR

Millennials are currently


Born between 1980 - 1998

Renters want to buy.

Rent is Increasing

Median asking rent has steady been increasing since 1988 is expected to increase substantially over the next year.

Source: Census

Lock in Housing Cost

Homeownership allows first time home buyers to lock in your housing cost with a fixed rate mortgage.

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Desire to Own

65% of first time home buyers were motivated to buy a home purely out of the desire to own a home of their own.

Source: NAR

Greater Net Worth

Homeowners have a greater opportunity to grow their net worth through principal reduction and home appreciation.

Source: Federal Reserve

Greater Net Worth
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Now is the time.

Whether we are in a seller’s market, buyer’s market or a balanced market there are always first time home buyers anxious to buy a home and achieve the American dream of homeownership.


First Time Home Buyers