Sell your Listing FaSTER AND Get More Buyers!

First time home buyers make up 34% of all buyers and have the greatest lifetime value to your real estate business.

The best part, for you, is that you have a new listing to ATTRACT first time buyers!  The PERFECT listing to attract first time buyers includes the following:


Asking price 90% or less of median home prices


Property taxes 80% or less of average*


3+ Bedrooms


2+ Bathrooms


FHA Eligible**

Your Listing: FHA Eligible


Fannie Mae HomeReady® Eligible***

Your Listing: Fannie Mae HomeReady® Eligible


Freddie Mac Home Possible® Eligible***

Your Listing: Fannie Mae HomeReady® Eligible


Down Payment Assistance Available

Eligible for Down Payment Assistance

*Property taxes based on average of 1%.
**Citywide Home Loans, LLC is an FHA Approved Lending Institution and is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal government.
***HomeReady®& Home Possible® eligibility based on a max housing ratio of 40%,income limits set by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, effective property tax rate of .7%/yr, homeowners insurance rate of .4%/yr, MI rate of .8%/yr, 97% LTV at 6% interest rate.

Digital Marketing Toolkit

We’ve created a Digital Marketing Toolkit for similar listings nearby and would like to offer the same for you.

None of this costs you a thing! You might be wondering why we do this.  Two main reasons:

  1. To get your attention 👀 (and have the opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship)
  2. To promote ourselves using your listing (and gain possible first time buyer clients)

Here’s what’s included in the Digital Marketing Toolkit:

Profile of a Colorado First Time Home Buyer

No & Low Down with Down Payment Assistance Programs PDF

Financing Options PDF

Facebook Image Post

Instagram Carousel Post

Vertical Video

Use it for:

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