There is a BIG misunderstanding about what it takes to buy a home and getting a mortgage surrounding the topic of down payment.

Many believe it takes 5%, 10% or even 20% to buy a home and that is simply not the case.  Here are a few options for 0% down payment:


Not everyone will qualify for a VA loan but if you have VA benefits from your time in the military VA is a great option for a zero down payment.

Click here for additional details on qualifying for a VA home loan.


USDA can be used for a no down payment mortgage option but you must purchase within an eligible USDA area.  If you are considering a home purchase in a rural area, this may be a great option to avoid down payment when making a home purchase.

Click here for additional details on qualifying for a USDA home loan.


CHFA, or Colorado Housing & Finance Authority, was previously known as a down payment assisatcne program eligible to only first time home buyers.  But things have changed and many of their programs have eliminated the requirement of being a first time buyer to use their assistance programs.

Even if you are not a first time home buyer you may qualify for their assistance programs that could allow you to buy a home for no down payment.

CHFA has multiple loan options including:

  • CHFA FirstStep
  • CHFA SmartStep
  • CHFA HomeOpener
  • CHFA Preferred

All of these options provide down payment assistance and can be combined with FHA, VA, USDA or Conventional mortgage options depending on the program.

For full details contact us so we can discuss which option may be best for you.

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