We will take you step-by-step through the process to get a copy of your FREE credit report.  As you follow this guide, if you have any questions please feel free to call Scott at (303) 317-5461.

Step 1:  Visit AnnualCredit Report.com

Colorado residents are allowed one free copy of their credit report each year.  There is only one official site to access this free credit report.  A new window will open when you click the following link to start the process of obtaining a copy of your free credit report:


Step 2:  Select State and Request Report

Select Colorado from the state dropdown box
Click on the Request Report button

Step 3:  Complete Form

To pull a copy of your credit report you need to enter your personal information.  The website is secure so your private information will be safe.  Once completed, click next.

Step 4:  Select Credit Bureaus

Select ALL three credit bureaus and click next so you can get a free copy of your credit report for all three credit bureaus used by mortgage companies.

Step 5:  Return to AnnualCreditReport.com After Each Credit Bureau

AnnualCreditReport.com will randomly select a credit bureau and send you to their site with information pre-loaded for you to easy run your credit reports.  At the top of your screen will be a mini menu that allows you to quickly and easily return to annualcreditreport.com after each credit report is pulled.  Click next.

Step 6:  Visit First Credit Bureau

AnnualCreditReport.com will randomly send you to one of the three credit bureau’s site so you can pull that bureau’s credit report.  Which credit bureau did AnnualCreditReport.com send you to first?