Denver Colorado Downtown
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Denver, Colorado…the place we call home.

I’ve created this page for anyone considering a move to Colorado or to current residents of the Denver Metro area.  You’ll find general information along with helpful resources whether you are considering a home purchase in Denver or already live here and are looking for some fun things to do.

Denver, Colorado

Denver, The Mile High City, is the capital of Colorado and it’s most populous municpiality with an estimated population of 693,060 according to Wikipedia.  The Denver Metro area as a whole is estimated at 2,814,330 people.

The Denver metro area consistst of 9 counties including Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Larimer and Weld counties according to Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation.


Denver is one of the most amazing places to call home with weather that never gets too cold or too hot.  We have the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons with 300 days of sunshine each year.  When you are just about over the cold it starts to warm up and when you are tired of the heat the brisk mornings arrive.  I’ve travelled to many states and countries and can tell you Denver’s weather is one of the best in the world!

Some stats according to Wikipedia:

Warmest Month: July (74.2 °F average temperature)
Coldest Month: December (29.9 °F average temperature)
Snow: Most likely between October and April


According to the U.S Census data from 2010 here is Denver’s racial composition:

White: 68.9%
Hispanic or Latino: 31.8%
Black or African American: 10.2%
Asian: 3.4%
Native American: 1.4%
Native Hawaiian of Pacific Islander: .1%
Other: 9.2%


Denver International Airport (DIA) is the main airport to get into and out of Denver.  Denver is the main hub for Frontier Airlines and Great Lakes Airlines and United Airlines fourth-largest hub.  Here are some of the pages you might find helpful when flying in or out of DIA:

Local Television

Looking for local news?  One of the best places to turn to are the local affiliates of the major broadcasting companies.  Below you will find the links to each of our local affiliates in the Denver area:

Things to Do in Denver

With over 300 days of sunshine and some of the best weather in the world it is no wonder that many of the things to do in Denver revolve around being outside. has a fantastic website with things to do around the state including river rafting, adventure sports, hiking, biking, skiing and more.

But, if you are looking for something near Denver you need to check out Things to Do on the Denver website!  Whether you are looking for some weekend fun, want to check out some art exhibits or check out the city you can find it on their website or in their handy guide.  Denver always seems to have something going on whether it’s live music, a food festival or a sporting event.

Another great resource for all things Denver is 5280 Magazine with news, things to do, restaurants and more.

Some of my favorites include:


I’m a sports fan.  I wouldn’t say I am a die hard fan but I enjoy a good sporting event.  Of all the teams in Denver my favorite is definitely the Denver Broncos but that’s probably because my favorite sport to watch is football.  I also enjoy the occassional Colorado Avalanche game, too.

Interested in attending a sporting event?  Here are some helpful links to each team’s schedules:

Real Estate

We do mortgages so it would be amiss if we did not have a section for Denver real estate, right?!  Well, we wouldn’t leave you hangin’.

Rather than providing any statistics that would be outdated the moment we published them, we will provide links directly to the sites with the information you might be interested in.

There are multiple Realtor boards in the Denver area all of which provide market stats depending on the area you may be considering a purchase.
Here are the most popular boards with links to their market stats:

Another fantastic resource for deciding where you might want to buy is Denver’s Neighborhood Services page.  This page provides information on schools, after-school programs, recreation centers, property records and more for properties located in Denver county.

Not looking to buy in Denver County?  Here are the other major counties’ websites for easy access:

Welcome to Denver

If you are not already living in the Denver Metro area we welcome you to check out our great city!  If you live here you already know why Denver is a go-to spot for people looking for a great place to live…

Great weather, one of the best airports in the U.S., amazing sports teams and plenty to do.