Agent-Lender Partnership is Broken!

Over the years the partnership between agents and lenders has changed very little, yet the market has made some significant changes.

Too often lenders call on agents looking for an “opportunity” to show you what they can do.  How?  By you referring them!

But you’re happy, satisfied, content.

Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

You’ve heard this saying before, right?  Basically, it’s telling us that what you have is worth more than what you might get.  Although this is true, progress is never made without risk.

So, you’re happy, satisfied or content in your current lending relationship(s).  That’s great, it works.  Don’t rock the boat, right?

Sure, but how is the lender relationship you have helping you close more business?  Do they close the loans on time?  Call your customers back?  Are they reachable on the weekends for writing pre-approval letters?

If not, you need to start looking for another lender.  But my guess is that you answered “YES” to all of these questions.  The reason is because that is the bare-minimum standard for mortgage lenders to be in business these days.

What if…

What if we settled on outhouses?
What if we were content with lighting our homes with candles?
What if we were satisfied with the fax machine?
What if we were happy with our flip phone?

What if you settled with your lender relationship that closed on time, called your customers back and wrote pre-approval letters on the weekend?

What if the lender you partner with could make you look like a rockstar?  Help you grow your business?  Close more transactions?

Lookin’ Good!

Everything we do is centered around making you look good.  Referring anyone, but specifically a lender, takes a lot of trust.  Your reputation is on the line!

We do not take that lightly or for granted.  We have built our mortgage business around you, the agent.  How do we make you look good?

Your customers are called right away when you refer us.
Your customers are provided with options to make it easy on them.
You are provided with updates every step along the way.
Your customers are fully pre-approved so there is no question they can qualify.
You are provided with pre-approval letters that set your offers apart from the competition.
You receive suggested contract dates to assist you in writing offers.
Your customer’s Rock Solid Pre-Approval is discussed on a call with the Listing Agent upon request.
You can access information at your fingertips through our variety of online resources.

But there is so much more than this.  This is just the transactional based stuff.  But we can help you close more business, too.

What it’s All About

You’re in business to make money.  That’s why we all go to work every day.  To make a living.  Support our families.  Create security.  Live our dreams.

Allow us to help you live the life of your dreams.

You need a lender PARTNER.  Someone invested in your success.  Someone who cares.

Let’s be honest though…not everyone works well together.  And there is no way to create a true partnership with every agent out there.

So, let’s find out!  We find it is best to schedule a 20-minute partnership planning meeting to discuss where the biggest opportunity for us to add value exists and to determine if a partnership will be mutually beneficial.