Mortgage financing is confusing!  But it doesn’t have to be.

My name is Scott Wynn.  I run a branch of Citywide Home Loans along with my wife Marla Wynn and my mom Cindy Howeth.  We realize that getting a mortgage can be complicated and confusing.  This site and, specifically, this page is intended to give you a go-to resource on mortgages that is simple and straightforward.

Whether you are looking to make a home purchase or considering a refinance we’ve got the information you are looking for.

So let’s dive in…

Who we are and why we think we can help you

My mom, Cindy, was in real estate prior to getting into mortgage in 1996.  I joined my mom in 2001 right out of college where  I studied Computer Science and Business Management.  Marla, my wife, joined us in late 2009 looking for a new challenge after being a Business Development Director for a local non-profit therapeutic preschool.  Together we provide a unique and dynamic skill set to provide advice, solutions and a great experience to our customers.

For more about us visit our About Us page.

Why are you here?

I am guessing you are here because you are considering either a purchase or a refinance and are in need of a mortgage to make that possible.  Purchases and refinances are very different.  Even though they may use the same loan programs the rules and requirements can differ significantly.  In addition, what is important to you at the time of purchase is likely not the same as when you are looking to refinance.

I have created content for you based on either a purchase or a refinance so you can get the information that you are interested in rather than trying to figure out if it applies to you.

Want to know about the different mortgage options?

There are four main loan programs that exist.  Each has their own rules, requirements and quirks.  Here are the four major loan programs that exist with links to content created on these programs:

In addition to these main loan programs you may also be interested in some form of down payment assistance.  Down payment assistance is an “add-on” to one of these four loan programs and will have additional requirements to be aware of based on the down payment assistance program you select.

Free Mortgage Resources

In additional to all the posts will find on our site we have created a few resources you mind find helpful.

Wynning Sheets (Downloadable PDFs)
Here are some of most popular Wynning Sheets:

  • Credit Scoring – The secret formula used to calculate your credit score
  • Derogatory Credit Waiting Periods – Time period you must wait after a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy.
  • CHFA Down Payment Assistance Programs – Handy chart showing all the available CHFA programs side by side

Ultimate Mortgage Guides:
Our most popular Ultimate Guide:  The Ultimate Guide to Prepaying Your Mortgage

How we make money

I am sure you realize that we have to make money some how.  We have provided you with a ton of free content between ultimate guides, blog posts and Wynning Sheets.  We do this because we want to be your go-to mortgage lenders when it comes time for you to purchase or refinance a home in Colorado.  If you find our information helpful just imagine how helpful we can be when we work with you directly.

We believe an educated customer is the best type of customer.  My hope is that by providing you with the information available on this site that you will be better informed to make the right choice for your mortgage financing and your mortgage lender selection, which we hope is us.

We realize that not everyone is in the same situation.  We have done our best to provide a ton of content to help people in all sorts of situations but everyone is unique.  If you have a question feel free to call or email me directly.  Don’t waste your time trying to find the answer here when I am just a call or email away.

You can reach me at (303) 317-5461 or email me.

Scott Wynn
Senior Loan Officer
Wynn Team