Did you know there were Conventional Loans with 0% down?!  I’ve got two:

Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus:

  • Conventional 3% Down (I thought you said 0% down!?  I did, check out the next line)
  • Grant for 4% of Loan Amount
  • No minimum cash investment by borrower (in the case of the rare seller paid closing costs)
  • Income Limits Apply (1-2 People: $95,880, 3+: $111,860)
  • Geographical Restrictions – for more details visit http://www.ehousingplus.com/available-programs/colorado/city-and-county-of-denver/

CHFA Preferred Plus:

  • Conventional 3% Down
  • Grant for 3% of Loan Amount (so not quite $0 down, but very close)
  • $1,000 Minimum cash investment by borrower
  • Income Limits Apply (Denver Metro: 1-2 People: $79,900, 3+: $91,800) – Vary by county
  • Available statewide

Great options for the buyers you have that are limited on funds but have good credit and can qualify for conventional financing!

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