Everyone, despite their age, has experienced a transformational moment. Whether it was a seemingly simple decision you made or an experience you had.  Each of these moments is significant to the individual person.  What you might consider transformational another may look at that event and see it as just another moment in time.  That is what makes us all unique and interesting.  I’d like to share a transformational moment I had…

I grew up in Arizona.  In Gilbert, a suburb of Phoenix.  Living in Arizona gave me the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon on multiple occasions.  If you have not had the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon I would encourage you to do so.  Sure, the pictures can give you a general idea of how awe inspiring the Grand Canyon can be but seeing it in person is an experience that can not be explained.

I remember visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time as a young kid.  I had to be about 6 or 7 years old.  As we drove up to the Grand Canyon and entered the National Park everything seemed normal.  Everything looked the same.  We parked in a large parking lot, hopped out of the car and headed towards the crowd of people.  As we got closer you could start to see the canyon, but nothing too significant.  Then, almost suddenly, as I approached the railing at the edge of the Grand Canyon it appeared.


It almost seemed to appear out of nowhere.  As you walk towards the railing you see rock, steps, the ground.  Until you reach the railing at which point the ground seems to disappear and the canyon reveals itself.  Not only is it awe inspiring but it is a little scary.  I am not afraid of heights but standing there right on the edge of the canyon can make your stomach flip.

As a kid, this was pretty amazing…for about 2 minutes and then I was bored.  Ok, what’s next?  Not really a transformational moment.  Certainly a moment I will remember for the rest of my life but not something that impacted me in that moment.

I am guessing that everyone learns about the Grand Canyon in school but maybe it is just something we talk about in Arizona since the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.  Either way, I am sure you learned what created the Grand Canyon.  The Colorado River.  Over a very, very, very long time.  Gradually the river eroded the ground beneath it away forming a vast canyon we see today.

Colorado River

Look at that picture.  The water is calm.  Sure a few ripples from the boats but all in all it is fairly calm, yet look at what it created.

compound effectOne of my favorite books of all time is called the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  If you have not read it I would encourage you to get it right away.  When I read that book I was reminded of my first trip to the Grand Canyon and the lessons I had learned about the Colorado River forming the canyon over time.  Small, seemingly insignificant changes every moment can create such amazing results.  Reading the Compound Effect with my experiences as a kid growing up in Arizona was a transformational moment for me.

I learned a few lessons that I believe can contribute to your business based on my transformation.

Consistency is Key

The Colorado River has been running for millions of years.  Every hour of every day for millions of years.  That is consistency.  Every moment the river is running it is eroding the ground beneath it.  Not very fast and not with any changes you will notice if you were to sit and watch.  The consistency, not the force is what causes the canyon to be formed.

What result are you looking to accomplish?  What goal do you have?  Consider the consistency at which you have worked towards your goal.  Are you working towards it every day in some way shape or form?  Or have you gotten discouraged because you weren’t seeing any results?

Be Flexible

The Colorado River has moved over the years.  Whether it was due to tectonic forces moving the ground under the river or rock that did not erode, the Colorado River has adjusted it’s course.  It had to.

Have you faced obstacles as you work toward achieving your goals?  What is your response?  Have you given up on the goal?  Decided it was impossible to achieve?

I have given up on my goals in the past.  I am not sure about you but giving up doesn’t feel good.  It makes me feel less of myself.  Especially when I see others who have achieved what I wanted.  When we encounter an obstacle we can either give up or find another way.  The obstacle is merely a test of your determination.  Push through, adjust course, be flexible and you will be rewarded.

Find the Source

Do you know where the Colorado River originates?  It originates at La Poudre Pass in Northern Colorado on the Continental Divide at a height just over 10,000 ft.  It doesn’t start at the Grand Canyon but instead hundreds of miles away and at a height thousands of feet higher.

The origin of the Colorado River is not only the starting point but the force behind it’s ultimate impact.  Without the origin starting at such height the strength of the river would not push through or find a way around obstacles.  The river would trickle off into a dry stream bed.

What is the source of your goal?  Where does your strength come from?  When you face struggles and obstacles or feel like you aren’t making progress your source needs to give you the boost to get past it.

This is particularly difficult for me.  What is my “why”?  Why would I be willing to work so hard, get uncomfortable, or work when others seem to be taking a break?  At times I have not had an answer to those questions.  And other times the answer can seem too simple.  Sometimes my answer is simply to prove I can do it.  Other times it is to avoid being a “loser” and giving up on my goals.  Sometimes the best reasons are beyond ourselves – for your spouse or your kids or maybe even your parents.  Whatever your reason, it is your reason.  There is no need to substantiate it to anyone other than yourself.  But if you have the right reason and have found the source the immense energy you will achieve results beyond even your expectations.

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