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I’ve been working from home a bit more lately.  I miss my commute.  I know that is a bit strange.  A lot of people would be jealous of my ability to work from home.

I enjoy commuting (at least a short distance) because of what I listen to on my way to and from work.  I enjoy listening to audiobooks and have recently found a few podcasts that I really enjoy.  I will say I tried out podcasts a year or so ago and wasn’t all that impressed.  I felt many of the podcasts were not well produced and included a lot of dead air and lacked valuable content.  But I have found a few I am really enjoying and thought I would pass them along to you in case you were interested…

My Favorite Podcasts

MFCEO Project (BEWARE – explicit language)
This is probably my favorite podcast right now.  He shoots straight and seems to genuinely be interested in providing valuable content.  I will warn you however.  He says the F-word about every 3-4 words so be prepared.  I am not normally into that sort of language but this one is worth it, in my opinion.

Mortgage Marketing Radio
A close second to the MFCEO podcast is this one.  This has some great, actionable information for both mortgage and real estate professionals.  He interviews top producing mortgage loan officers and real estate agents who have a particular strategy that has produced results.  I find this very relevant to what we do every day and think you would too.

Social Media Marketing
If you blog, want to engage people on Facebook or want any tips for marketing yourself online this is a fantastic podcast.

The School of Greatness
Lewis Howes interviews successful entrepreneurs and gets insights on their path to success.  Podcasts in general are not as succinct and direct as audiobooks but they are free.  What I do is subscribe to all of these podcasts on iTunes and then start listening to an episode.  If I am not enjoying it or finding it of value I simply skip it and move on to the next.

What are you listening to?  Any good podcasts or audiobooks?  Let me know.

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