Below is the step-by-step guide to getting your free TransUnion credit report through
(If you would like to view the step by step guide to getting your free credit report form the beginning, click here)

TransUnion Credit Report Step 1:  Enter Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number pre-loads the information from Step 3 in the Step by Step guide.  All you need to do is verify the information loaded in and click Continue.

TransUnion Credit Report Step 2:  Verify Your Identity

To make sure you are who you say you are TransUnion will ask you a few questions only you know.  Answer the questions they ask you to verify your identity and click next.

TransUnion Credit Report Step 5:  View Your Report

Print a copy of your credit report.

TransUnion Credit Report Step 5:  Return to

Use the mini menu at the top of your screen (you may have to close other windows to get back to the main window) and click on Return to

**Sometimes the site may time out and you will get an error saying your session has timed out.  If that happens, just return to the beginning of the guide and start over (I know this is a pain!).  When selecting the credit bureaus to pull, just select the remaining credit bureaus you have not yet run.

Experian Credit Report Step 5: Go the the Next Credit Bureau

Which Credit Bureau is Next?



I’m Done