Part of the Wynn & Eagan Team’s customer loyalty program is acknowledging and celebrating our buyers’ home purchase.

One of the ways we do this is through a package sent once the appraisal is ordered (or waiver is received).  We call it our…

Congrats! Pack!

But, we take it one step further in our overall commitment to making the agents we work with look good.  In our buyer’s eyes, we are a team so we send it from both us and you!

When the Congrats! Pack is sent we send you a friendly email to make you aware so when you receive a call or email from our mutual customer thanking you for the gift you know what they heck they are talking about…but maybe you want to know a bit more, like what’s inside.

Take a look inside:

Inside we provide a bunch of fun things for moving day.  Items such as:

  • Markers (for labeling all those boxes)
  • Packing Tape (to seal up all those boxes)
  • Snacks (for the busy packing or moving day)
  • Chapstick (you don’t wanna get chapped)
  • Kleenex (in case you get the sniffles)
  • Wet Ones or Hand Sanitizer (since there may not be hand towels available)
  • Band-Aids (to protect any paper cuts suffered while packing)
  • Hand Lotion (so you can try to avoid those paper cuts)

and, our favorite…

TOILET PAPER…the most commonly forgotten item on moving day.

Oh, and if there are little ones in the house, we send them the​ Berenstain Bears' Moving Day book.

We package it up, place the cover page on top of all the goodies and send it USPS Priority Mail then send a fun SMS notification to the customer to let them know there is a gift headed their way.


One of the many things we do to WOW our customers and help our real estate partners look good!

And here's another...

Don’t get Zillow’d

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