Pop-by gifts were popularized by Brian Buffini and his Referral System.  Small pop-by gifts are a great way to stay in touch and let your customers know you are thinking about them and providing some value to them at the same time.  Pop-by gifts are a great part of an overall Customer Loyalty Program.


Pop-by gifts were originally intended to be done as a true “pop by”.  You would “pop by” in person, drop off the gift and visit for a minute or two.  Although this is still the best method of delivering gifts they don’t have to be done this way.  The gifts can be dropped off or even mailed.  Although this does not have the same impact it does save a lot of time.

What you decide will depend on where you are at in your business. Do you have more time than money? Pop by or drop them off. More money than time? Pop them in the mail and follow up with a phone call. Or have an assistant drop them off for you.

The method you choose to deliver the gift will have little bearing on the overall impact the gift will have on your customers, reminding them of the great job you did to help them buy or sell a home.


Consistency is key to building trust and loyalty. Don’t commit to doing this every month if you can’t follow through. You don’t want to start getting your customers in the habit or expectation of receiving a gift every month for 3 months to have it stop and ultimately disappoint them. Instead do it quarterly, semi-annually or even randomly.

Gift Ideas

Love the idea, but don’t know what to send?

We’ll help you get started!  We have created a Wynning Sheet with 12 ideas to kick off your campaign.  You’ll get the hang of it…and if not, you can contact us and we’ll help you come up with some more ideas.

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