According to the 2017 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 89% of customers surveyed said they would use their real estate agent again, but only 12% actually do.  Why then, if 89% said they would work with their agent again, did only 12% do that?  The answer is, the agent didn’t stay in touch with them after the sale.

Maximize Your Potential

Are you doing a good job of staying in touch with your database so you can capture the full 89% and maximize your income potential from sources who want to work with you?  If not, you are not only missing out on this business, but also on all the business these customers have to refer.  That number compounds year over year as your database grows.

Are You Connecting?

You can’t just put your clients on an impersonal email drip campaign and feel confident you’ll capture those repeat and referral customers.  The secret to successful database marketing is real connection.  I don’t mean deep conversations with every customer on a regular basis.  I mean that you need to find ways to stay connected with your customers in ways that are authentic so they feel their relationship with you is valuable to you.

This is easier than you think.  It simply requires you to choose how you will stay in touch, when and what you will do and how you are going to systematize it so you don’t forget…even when you get busy.

Seven Levels of Communication

In his book, The Seven Levels of Communication, Michael J. Maher shares a Communication Pyramid which I recommend you keep in mind when creating your database marketing plan.  The most powerful form of communication (connection) is one-on-one meetings.  The second most effective method of communication is events and seminars followed by phone calls, handwritten notes, electronic communication (email, social, text), direct mail and then advertising.


Why then, do many of us still put advertising and direct mail first (Zillow, Facebook Ads, Geographic Farming) and follow those up with an email drip campaign to potential “leads” we get?

Investing time in your database has a larger impact at a lower cost and is more enjoyable both in terms of performing the activities associated with the marketing and working with the clients you find through those methods.


  • One-on-One Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Meetings
  • Events (small or large gatherings)
  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Handwritten Notes
  • Appreciation Marketing (contact the expert, Sylvia Castillo
  • Mail
  • Pop-By’s at Home
  • Pop-By’s at Work (great place to take edible gifts to share)
  • Email
  • Facebook Lists (great place to find meaningful and timely ways to connect)
  • Facebook Video Posts
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Ads (pixel capture)
  • Facebook Group (private group for your clients where you share events, contests, etc)
  • Instastory (Instagram)
  • Social Media Contests


Special Dates

  • Closing Anniversary
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Children’s Birthday(s)

Holidays by Month

  • January – New Year’s Day (1)
  • February – Valentines Day (14)
  • March – Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • March – St. Patricks Day (17)
  • April – Tax Day
  • May – Mother’s Day
  • June – Father’s Day
  • July – 4th of July (4)
  • August – Back to School
  • September – Patriots Day (11)
  • October – Halloween (31)
  • November – Daylight Savings Time Ends
  • November – Thanksgiving
  • December – Christmas, Hanukkah, etc
  • December – New Year’s Eve (31)


Events You Can Participate In

Check out our Client Event Page for more ideas!

  • Physical, Active and/or Competitive
    • Bowling
    • Top Golf
    • Miniature Golf
    • Charity Golf Tournament
    • Golf Clinic
    • Elitch’s
  • Social (Adult)
  • Social (Family)
    • Ice Cream Social
    • Summer BBQ / Potluck
    • Pictures with Easter Bunny
    • Pumpkin Carving
    • Pictures with Santa
    • Letters to Santa
    • Sponsored Float in Parade of Lights (invite DB to participate and ride)
    • Movie Theater Rental (Ask us how to maximize this opportunity)
    • Picnic in the Park with Movie
    • Mother’s Day Gift Workshop for Dads
    • Family Photo Shoot
  • Community / Geographical Farm
    • Volunteering
    • Blood Drive
    • Block Party
    • Document Shredding
    • Electronic & Computer Recycling
    • Paint Disposal
    • Spring or Fall Cleanup (dumpster drop)
    • Neighborhood Donation Drive (items no longer needed)

Things You Can Deliver or Send

  • Non-Consumables
    • Personal Cards (special occasion, thinking of you, life events)
      • Engagement
      • Wedding
      • Baby
      • Graduation
      • New Job
      • Death
      • Thinking of You
    • Annual CMA
    • Recipes
    • Local Coupons
    • Calendars
    • Sports Schedules (Professional or Local)
    • Candles (scents of the changing seasons)
    • Monthly Pop-By’s (for ideas, visit Peggy Urieff’s content rich pop-by gift website at
  • Consumables

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