Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
– Tony Robbins

Setting a Goal

Income is a goal set by many.  Income allows you to meet your needs, provide for your wants, and give you freedom and opportunity.

There is no shame in having an income goal.  Afterall that’s why you are in business, right?  To make money and earn an income.

What’s your income goal?

Don’t have an income goal but instead focused on lead generation activities?  Use our What’s Possible calculator to calculate the income you will earn based on the number of leads being generated.

Business Metrics

Once you know your goal you need to know a few business metrics.

Tracking your business is the only way to know your numbers.  Otherwise you will be shooting in the dark.  Every business is different.  You may be higher or lower than the averages which will throw off the calculations.  If you are not already tracking your business, get started today and fine tune your calculations along the way.

Your Goal Deconstructed

Input your income goal.

Input your business metrics.

Voilà…the calculator does the rest.  You will know:

  • Volume Needed
  • Closings Needed
  • Contracts Needed
  • Leads Needed
  • Leads Needed per Month

Your Goal Deconstructed

Find out the key numbers in your business needed to hit your income goal.
Download our Goal Decontructed worksheet.