Identify every opportunity where money is being lost and plug those leaks.  Leaks may include checking account fees, ATM fees, late fees, credit card fees and more.

There are opportunities to find money easily all around you.  You just need to look for it and be aware of where it can be found.  The stuff you own, the monthly recurring payment you make and the purchases are all places to save money with ease.



You will want to create some security so you can create the positive energy to create financial opportunity which will be done by setting aside one month of expenses in case you need it later.

Following the Bang for Your Buck strategy you will Defeat Debt, once and for all.  Along the way you will create more and more cashflow giving you flexibility.


beyond the 40

Your employer owes you nothing more than the money they promised you in exchange for the time you are at work.  It doesn’t matter whether you have been there 3 months or 30 years.  You are responsible for increasing your value so you can earn more through raises or promotions.

Avoid fights and give yourself the gift of guiltless spending by allocating a dollar amount to spending freely each month.

money buckets

go incognito

Your income will increase and you will  have more opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle.  It is important you feel the benefit of your hard work and at the same time you want to avoid keeping up with other people by keeping your lifestyle in check.

Wouldn’t it be nice to put a dollar in and get two dollars out?  Not only is it possible, it is a reality for many people who understand how to have their money work for them.  Use the Dollar Duplicating Machines you have access to and start making even more money without spending your time to earn it.

dollar duplicating machine


The Point of Money is to achieve liberty.  To be free and do what you want, when you want, with you who want to do it with.  Deciding on how you will respond to money, using money as a tool and taking action you will achieve the liberty you desire.

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